Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sculpting a head

First, I create some kind of skull from aluminum foil and set the eyes that I made out of glass. Loops of stainless steel wire are inserted where I will later hang earrings.

Next I add a few pieces of clay (here I used Cernit) to create a skin that holds everything together.

I add more clay to create mass where the features will be.

The surface of the head with is smoothed out with my fingers. Then I pinch bits of clay off the face to define the contours.

I finish sculpting the features carefully with my fingertips, and with sewing needles.

Here is a little bust that I have yet to paint, wig, and adorn with tiny jewelry.

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  1. i like the instructional style of this entry. you make it easy (step by step) to envision the process.


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