Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Björk video

I guess I haven't put this up here yet. Bjork had a contest to make a music video for "Innocence," but, for whatever reason, a month was subtracted from the end date of the competition. I taped all of these things that I made (having never done anything like this before) and Arley Rose Torsone edited everything (we spent about 13 hours editing an hour into a minute.) Because we had a month less to make the video we weren't able to address the entire song. We didn't win, and I still don't know how to adjust the light settings on Mikey's video camera.

My friend, Brian, recorded with Bjork for some tracks on Volta, and he gave her a glass necklace that I made. She immediately put it on, and she was already wearing a necklace of human teeth that Matthew Barney made for her. Unfortunately, no photos were taken to document this.
I know it sounds unbelievable, but this actually happened. Ask Brian Chippendale.

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