Thursday, November 17, 2011

Glass Rain

Last year I began flameworking thin pieces of borosilicate glass to sculpt raindrops. I assembled lots of pieces to construct these "Glass Rain" installations.

I installed a Glass Rain chandelier at the offices of the Rhode Island State House over the summer. It was on display in the Atrium Gallery for August and September.

This piece was about ten feet high, five feet deep, and four feet wide. The glass drops look so realistically watery when they're full of light!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lasercut Textile Class at AS220

The weekend before Halloween I taught a class about lasercutting textiles at AS220's digital fabrication laboratory .
Every person in the class had attended RISD or taught at RISD, so we had quite a wealth of knowledge and experience. Everyone contributed so much!

Mary Beth Cryan tied lasercut tabs on a rayon blouse.

Katy Westcott lasercut bubble wand shapes and assembled jewelry with the pieces.

Erika Tazberik lasercut hand- drawn patterns in silk.
Katy Dika also lasercut beautiful patterns in fabric.
I made a sample to demonstrate thinking in three dimensions with two- dimensional components.

Matt Obert stopped in the lab and showed off a handmade Halloween costume. He spent days cutting his leaves with scissors!