Thursday, April 25, 2013


I made a simple and lightweight birthday gift for my friend.
I liked these so much that I made a heavier and more complicated version for me to test drive. These are of lampworked glass, steel, and silver.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A new video is in the works!

Yesterday Graham Wheeler and I recorded a new tutorial video: How to Make Glass Chains! We may need a few more shots and editing will take a little while, but check out this funny image of the back of my head.

2 mic packs hang on my back as the wires snake through my hair to microphones clipped on the arms of my glasses.

Monday, April 1, 2013

New Glass

I have never owned a car, but for a while between 2011 and 2012 I was borrowing a car from my family to help dear hearts in different states. For six months I drove 500 miles a week, to New York and back, and to Boston and back. I enjoyed seeing my relatives frequently & being present with loved ones, and I wrote a lot of songs in the car. I used the car to get to my glass studio in Central Falls, where I would also sing a lot. I was not home often. (note bene- Central Falls is the smallest city in the smallest state in the US!)

Exactly a year ago I was hit by a drunk driver just 2 blocks from my house in Providence. The other driver hit me and ran, but she "luckily" left her license plate in the intersection. I was not hurt, but it was the end of the car.
It was a relief to not drive so much anymore. Providence parking regulation enforcers are relentless, gas is expensive, traffic can sometimes be frustrating. Providence is so small and bikable anyway (for the most part.) 

Last week my extraordinary sweetheart of a friend was kind enough to help me move my glass studio back to Olneyville, and as a result I've done more lampwork in the past week than I had in the last year. Today was the application deadline for some RISCA Fellowships, one of which I won a few years ago. Here are some new pieces from today's grant application.
A lampworked glass and leather cuff
Floral gradient earrings in blues