Monday, December 26, 2011

Holiday gifts

I like making special orders for holiday gifts. Here are some flameworked glass and silver earrings , and a "Pollination" brooch.
When the pieces are worn, the glass bees seem to hover around the floral forms.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Bloody Eye

You can break blood vessels in your eye just from sneezing or coughing too hard. I was lying down in a sauna when I sneezed. The combination of increased circulation and the sudden burst of pressure caused some vessels to rupture, but it didn't hurt or affect my vision. (I didn't even realize for almost an hour!) Apparently, it's pretty common, so don't be scared if you puke or go bungee jumping and come up with a bloody eye. It heals itself and there are no meds for it. Using Visine or other "cures" can slow the healing process.
Photo by Dave Fischer/

This is what it looked like when it first happened. What a shock to find in the mirror!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Handmade Nation Screening and Peru FAB7 experience share

This Wednesday, December 14th from 7- 10 PM
at the AS220 Labs (on Martha Street next to the AS220 Printshop)

I'll be hosting a screening of Handmade Nation, Faythe Levine's documentary about contemporary DIY craft in the U.S. 
Locals also featured in this film are The Dirt Palace, and Deb Dormody of general awesomeness (If'n Books and Marks and Craftland.)

The movie is one hour long and will be preceded by a slideshow about FAB7, the fascinating international digital fabrication conference that took place this past August in Peru. The screening  will be followed by a conversation about the importance of DIY, and how Fab Labs are facilitating that all over the world! 

Snacks and drinks will be provided!