Tuesday, December 22, 2009

One more craft sale

I'm in the process of preparing for my next sale, the biggest show I have yet done, January 14-17 in LA.

After this I hope to phase out of production jewelry work, except for custom orders and bigger pieces. (Email or call if you want anything. I love doing custom work at no extra cost!)
It's disappointing to work so hard and sleep so little and then stand all day at a sale. I spend hours explaining myself-- mostly to people who don't listen, or who don't believe that I actually use torches to melt glass, and that I make everything myself, by hand, and without molds.

I've enjoyed doing this for 12 years, but I feel too exhausted and unrewarded for the amount of time and energy I put into doing craft sales, and I am still unable to sell through stores because I cannot produce that much work by myself. (Also, my prices are ridiculously cheap and there are still people who ask if my prices are in cents instead of dollars.)

I've decided that there are more sustainable ways to spend my time. Being in the Fab Academy has been a terrific impetus and avenue to learn new things as well as revisit a lot of project ideas (now that I know how to actualize them!)
I hope to finish a lot of the projects that I've been thinking about and working towards for years- glass plant chandeliers, a wearable jointed glass dress, elaborate electro- mechanical dioramas, children's books, music videos (including music, sets, and costumes) and building a carousel.

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  1. I look forward with lots of admiration and solidarity, to your future endeavors. May your phasing out and phasing in of things be heartening to your spirit and sufficiently lucrative to the funding of not only your daily life, but all your larger pursuits. You deserve it.


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