Saturday, November 14, 2009

Textile jewelry

Who isn't struck by the visage of a coil necklace on someone from the Padaung tribe of Burma or the Ndbele tribe of South Africa? I made this necklace of fleece and spandex in 2002. It was photographed in a fashion shoot for the November 2003 issue of Venuszine.

This bracelet has a lot going on. I made experimental forms in several different fabrics, and attached them to to an elastic ribbon, along with some flameworked glass.

As a child I was very impressed with corsages. I thought they were so beautiful!

I think of this as a corsage for every day.

I made these textile earrings around the same time as the yellow rufflebeard pictured at top. The nylon mesh is much softer than tulle.

I found some Walkman speakers that someone threw away. They worked fine! I taped them together, sewed a silk cover, and embroidered the surface of the speakers to look like a cassette tape.

I embroidered this silk surface with sewing thread, rather than embroidery floss.

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