Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lip balm

I made a big batch of lip balm from beeswax, lanolin, and oil. I got the wax from a beekeeper, and the other ingredients were being thrown away by a health food store because they were about to "expire." I made the stuff a while ago, but every now and then I refill the small container that I carry around with me. The tin only holds 20 grams and I found it, empty, under a tree in Paris. This photo shows the molten mix. When pouring something like this into a container it's important to leave a little space between the surface of the liquid and the top edge of the container. I found out the hard way that the miniscus can stick to the lid and cause the entire mass to be pulled out when opening the container.

Today I went out dressed this way. It proved useful later in the day while riding on the back of a motorcycle in the cold.

Here's how I can wear my beard like Andy Warhol or a mopey moppy teenager.

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