Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I love how these pieces come together, but it takes weeks to build and assemble all of the flameworked glass components! In this process, I need to make more beads than I actually use, so I can draw from a variety of sizes and facilitate this color math. Above is a jade floral gradient necklace.

Some of the glass rods used above were mixed by hand (as molten glass) to achieve these transitions of color.

Sometimes I flamework with vintage glass rods that were made in France in the 1950s. I used some in each of the three photos above. It's too bad that I'm running out of this irreplaceable stuff! So many of those colors are dreamy.

Here is another roller disco ziggurat in a different color scheme. These pieces are for sale- the top jade necklace is $600, and the rose gradient earrings are $220, the flowerfall neckring is $115, and the bottom piece is $50. Wherever you see metal in a piece, it's hand-forged sterling silver.

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