Saturday, August 14, 2010

Onward to Berlin

Air Berlin's safety cards depict this very intense guy, who looks like he can't wait to tackle an airjacker. Click on the image to better see his seriously intense face.
Berlin is well- known for street art.
These are some of my favorite murals on what remains of the Berlin Wall.

I also got to visit the new Fab Lab in Berlin (only 3 months old!) It's called Open Design City and it's in the back of betahaus on Prinzessinnenstrassen.
I like their solution for collecting dust when using a drill.
Philip Steffan recognized my beard from the internet and wanted to try one, too.
This is the sign for the wild meat department at Rogacki. Note the scope.
I don't mean to post so much meat lately, but I thought these were very pretty.
Jewel- like aspics

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