Monday, August 16, 2010

Hamburger Dom in Hamburg

Here's another interesting painting on a European carnival ride. This is in Saint Pauli in Hamburg, Deutschland. Hamburger Dom is the largest public festival in northern Germany.

We saw more King Kongs covered in rain- matted fake fur. That might be a cool summer job, combing his fur in the opposite direction after it rains.

To understand the scale of this carnival game, check out the man in the green shirt on the lower left.
Intergalactic miniature tow truck

German carnival eats

Rotisserie- cooked pretzel cups that get filled with a variety of saucy/ salty/ gooey things. These are like Hungarian chörege.

It seems "Mister Mais" is an American farmer. Click for evidence.
Pickled herring and fishcakes at the carnival!

Not so Kosher, not so punk.
Have you seen these German pedal cars? Everyone sitting at the bar is pedaling this vehicle through regular traffic, while drinking beer!

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  1. Now if they had a pedal car for nachos ....

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