Monday, August 9, 2010

Food in Barcelona

En La Rambla there is La Boqueria, a huge and beautiful market of specialty stalls.

There you can find beautiful fruits and vegetables.

Esoteric or harder- to- find tropical fruits are on display. Pictured here are starfruits, rambutan, lychees, passion fruits, mangosteen, ginger, tamarind, kumquats, persimmons, guava, dragonfruits, and some other friends I haven't yet met.

On the right side of the photo above are real candied fruits!

a tremendous selection of candies!
picking out candies for Debbie Glitterlimes
This is a butcher shop
where all of the hams still have hooves and if you want a quarter kilo, they slice it off the leg. Lots of meats in Europe still have heads, feet, fur, or feathers so there is not the same denial of death like in the States. Lots of American kids understand burgers and chicken parts only as the real versions of plastic toys, not as the carcasses of things that used to be alive, like their pets.
Note bene-- I am not a vegetarian.
We also found a market stall that sells frozen foods in bulk, even french fries and onion rings!
These are some kind of sugar- covered starch that were in a grocery store. Mom, have you seen these in the Philippines?
We ate some delicious, vibrant sandwiches. Mine consisted of goat cheese, fresh greens, walnuts, and really good honey.

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