Sunday, October 11, 2009

I flameworked these glass beads. Each one is about an inch and a half in diameter. They make me think of ziggurats, stacking toys for toddlers, the Starlight Express or my imaginings of roller disco. . . what else?
They are an improvement upon a similar design I did about ten years ago. I liked these three so much that I didn't put them out for sale at the American Craft Council show in San Francisco.
If you want to buy one, email me. They are $45 each. I do custom colors at no extra cost.

I flameworked this glass plate of sushi: ikura, sake, gari, and wasabi. The whole plate is less than one inch long!

These are some photos above my desk. I don't know who they are, but I like them.

These are some other photos above my desk-- I know who they are and I love them!
My folks!

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  1. A delightful smorgasbord of intriguing and highly meaningful dashes of Jeniniusness. Thank you for sharing.


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