Monday, October 19, 2009

A frustrating day in the lab

This morning I attempted to lasercut a branch into thin slices, but either it wasn't cut all the way through, or it completely charred. Then I wasted a lot of time trying to accomplish one small task because I couldn't find the appropriate tools to use. The lab is fairly diorganized and both rooms get utilized by so many people that things are constantly being moved around. Because most things don't yet have places where they belong there aren't true locations to return them to. Yet.

I'm getting on the torch now to make glass eyes for dolls, both to use in the semester project diorama(s) as well as to bring to the Los Angeles sale in January.
I made all of the dolls below. I flameworked the glass eyes and glass teeth, I sculpted the faces and the bodies, sewed the clothing, made the wigs, flameworked the jewelry.

A trapezist with a tiny flameworked necklace

Swella, a doll purse

My biggest one yet- she's about 4 feet tall.

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