Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Middle- aughts sketchbook scans

I like re-purposing printed books as sketch books.
Writing down what you eat & what you spend is a simple and simultaneously detailed way to record everyday life, especially when traveling! Where did I get venison jerky in November of 2005? I can remember what it tastes like, but not where it came from! (Do you know where I got it?)
Opaque watercolors are nice for little detailed illustrations. This is a color xerox of something I painted because I gave the original to my friend Jake, who one year made a stuffed animal every day and ended up in Reader's Digest.
I drew this with a brush pen on a plane ride to Japan. The top spread says, "This morning I watched the sun rise pink above snowing clouds." The bottom says "five/ eleven hours into thirteen to Tokyo!"
I love cut & paste collaging. I especially enjoy carefully cutting shapes out with scissors. Takashimaya gave away glorious posters advertising New Year's food in 2005- 2006.
Sometimes I like a whole magazine page enough to not cut it up.
I don't really read much Japanese, but I love practicing writing it.


What does your voice sound like?