Monday, November 15, 2010

As big as your head!

Kiku, or Japanese chrysanthemums, have such lyrical beauty.
These blossoms are as large as cabbages!
Chrysanthemums are in the Asteraceae, or daisy, family. Other composites include zinnias, sunflowers, asters, black- eyed susans, marigolds, and dandelions.

The family resemblance is especially apparent here.
There are many different classes and cultivars of mums.
Like other Japanese art forms that have been refined over centuries, the champion cultivation of chrysanthemums distills so much surprising and mysterious complexity into simple and beautiful perfection.
Where's the surprise? What is the mystery? Look underneath this mountain of 464 blossoms, and find that they all grow out of a single stem!!!
My favorite species is the spider mum.
Some styles of fireworks are called chrysanthemums. What a likeness!


  1. Hi Jenine, I arrived here by following a link from LE, and what a surprise, the color burst and energy coming from your hands is amazing!!

    I am in awe of the chrysanthenums, just to experience them like you did must be exeptional!

    Lot of success in your solo show



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