Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Usually, I am a cyclist or a pedestrian. Never have I owned a car, though for about a year I borrowed one from my family. I can't say that I've had the smallest carbon footprint because I have flown over 200 times so far.  Being above clouds is a familiar sight to me. I took this several weeks ago on the way home from California.

Roger Williams Park is certainly the hidden gem of Providence. It covers more than 400 acres and was landscaped by the Olmsted Brothers over a hundred years ago. (Frederick Law Olmsted the elder was the landscape architect for Central Park in New York City.) I like to visit the Temple to Music, the lakes, the Botanical Center, the Japanese Garden, the Museum of Natural History, the carousel, and the stables for the police horses. I took this photo there recently. 
especially enjoy throwing sticks into the lakes when the surfaces are at least partially frozen because it can produce a good fake laser sound, like a tightly- stretched  spring reverberating inside a tube. 
Lately I am elated about actualizing a couple dreams. One has to do with music, and one has to do with a lasercutter. You'll hear more about it soon.

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