Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More and bigger

I made another pair of pom pom earrings. To make them yourself, follow the technique demonstrated in my most recent tutorial video, but make some smaller batches of pom poms in a variety of diameters to create a gradient of sizes for the finished jewelry project. To build the earrings just tie the pom poms onto existing hoop earrings utilizing the longer belts that should still be hanging off of each pom pom. If you accidentally cut off the belts, use a needle and thread to securely sew the pom poms to the hoop earring (simply around the metal or plastic.)
Ask questions if you have any! 

A neat reference is the book,  Tassels: The Fanciful Embellishment by Nancy Welch.


  1. Your tutorial is GREAT! Thank you for sharing your knowledge...I am going to make some pom pom earrings now!!

  2. Gorgeous earrings! Now I need to may some too! :)

    - Sasha


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