Tuesday, August 9, 2011

To Lima

Ahora mismo estoy en un aeropuerto en Florida, en ruta a Lima, Peru. Voy a FAB7, la conferencia internacional de fabricacion digital! Es una convergencia de la mayoria de los FAB Labs del todo el mundo. Despues de la conferencia, voy a Cusco para explorar algunos de estos sitios.

I recorded a lot of video with the new camera. Now just to get the computer to recognize it! I installed some of a Glass Rain Chandelier at 1 Capitol Hill (the State House offices across Smith Street from the Capitol in Providence.) That will be on display into September, and I finished a screenprint for the current events print exchange in Providence. Sorry, no images yet. The print is about how food affects all bodies' functions. In it, I reference and recommend this fascinating article (Is Sugar Toxic?), this documentary (Food Matters), laughter yoga, and perhaps most importantly, GERSON THERAPY.

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