Saturday, June 11, 2011

Moss and mist

Today the rain in Brooklyn was just a fine mist, for hours. It was the kind of light spray that you don't really need an umbrella for, but after a while outside you look like you've been on the Maid of the Mist tour (the boat that travels underneath Niagara Falls.) It wasn't like the kind of rain I grew up with in New York: cold, fat drops or drizzles that make people scurry. It was more like rain in Portland-- a perpetual misting that doesn't significantly alter the course of one's day.
Moss is so aesthetically appealing to me. It's like living velvet! I was in Portland, Oregon in February and I observed it all over town. Because Portland has such a mild and damp climate mosses really thrive everywhere. Some sidewalks have names impressed in the concrete. Above, you can see moss growing in those recesses.
In some places, it grows like a carpet with a luxurious pile.
In some places, traffic wears patterns into the carpet.

What a variety of beautiful textures!
On barks I saw intricate and complex landscapes growing.

Mosses are growing on these rooves, and ferns are sprouting from this gutter!
The world is overwhelmingly filled with beauty! Look for it everywhere-- you will find yourself totally surrounded!

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