Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's not easy to describe something as immense and diverse as the Maker Faire, but this video does a great job of beginning to explain it.


  1. Hi Jenine, some friends and I stopped by and talked with you on Sunday...we're taking a class at the Oakland Crucible on bead making...thanks so much for motivating us.

  2. That's so exciting to hear, thanks for telling me! Because so many people asked me if I teach in the Bay Area, I went to the Crucible the following Monday and got a private tour of the facilities. I hope to teach there next winter and/or spring, as well as at Art Du Jour in Santa Cruz!

  3. Awesome, we took a class with Ralph last weekend and am signing up for more at Studio One (Oakland) and the crucible. I went to school in Santa Cruz so I'm sure you'll love it there. We'll see you sometime at the crucible (or around).


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