Saturday, December 4, 2010


February, London to Paris

Anticipation is treasured and sweet; sometimes my favorite part because I haven't yet met the events to come and they're still filled with infinite possibility.

Pay toilets are a terrible idea!

From London to Dover and now a ferry to Calais. Our departure was delayed for one hour due to the weather. A storm is stirring the channel into a frenzy, so where do I choose to enjoy this boat ride? On the top deck of the ferry as it crosses the English Channel in a furious storm. For twenty minutes straight through numbing winds that cause permanent hair tangles I smile at feeling and lick my salty lips.

August, another crazy day on the Cthnc. circus tour

Callison is in jail after jumping off the skyride over the boardwalk at Seaside Heights. We told him we wouldn't wait for him if he did this. He got on the ride and started undressing, waited until his carriage was over the MTV Beach House, then leapt onto the roof below, naked and screaming, "The world is upside- down and I am standing on my head!"
He then jumped to a lower roof where he was tackled by security guards and held for the police in nothing but an MTV beach towel. His bail is set at a thousand dollars. Duck is trying to contact Callison in jail to have him write a manifesto of his reasoning and motivations. Duck is also trying to contact tabloids to sell the photographs & manifesto to raise bail money.
I hope we also raise some money to repair Kevin's car because I accidentally hit a high and sharp curb when leaving the library and popped his tire. Also, it turns out that Kevin is a minor and didn't get his mom's permission to come with us, so we are technically harboring a runaway with an unknowingly "stolen" car. What's next!?

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