Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hello out there, in TV land.

Maybe you saw me on the Marta Stewart Show recently. (Follow this link, the video button then loads in a few seconds.)
I tried to pack a lot of information into a very quick segment. Some things I wanted to share that I didn't get to mention on the show include:

I usually spend 1- 2 hours on the torch for EACH BEAD, then about 5 hours in the kiln. The necklace I was wearing has been evolving over 12 years! It's about 5 pounds of glass and silver and silk, distributed around my neck. The silk lining on the back of the necklace makes it really comfortable against the skin.

My work is available in my etsy shop as well as from my studio, just email me at to order work, but know that it takes time for me to make each piece after it's ordered.

I'm making chandeliers of lampworked glass and lasercut textile plant forms, as well as chandeliers of glass rain and light. These and other works will be exhibited in my first solo show, opening at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft on January 21, 2011.

The glass supplier I deal with in Pennsylvania is called Wale Apparatus. They have really personable service and they just celebrated 40 years in business! I recommend ordering supplies from them.

The headband I wore in the teaser (pictured above) is something I made from textiles that I lasercut! I make a lot of work in media other than glass, so please feel free to go back through this blog to see other things, or visit my flickr page!


  1. I saw your segment on Martha and was completely blown away. I've never worked with glass but it's something that I really want to try. As a beginner, what would you suggest starting out with, both supply-wise and project-wise?

    I also wanted to add that your pieces are beautiful. The little bees you make are adorable!

  2. ~*Hi Jenine!*~
    I loved watching you at the Maker Faire and will be including you in my post about the faire when I have the entire event compiled... (I have a lot to edit still)
    Although I don't watch T.V.- I just saw a post about you on FaceBook that I followed to the Martha Stewart site and saw your face and recognized you as one of my favorite attractions that day in F.M. Park.
    I'll send you a link when I put the post up!
    Until then, best wishes and I am now off to explore your Flickr!

  3. Hi Jenine,
    I met you at the San Mateo Maker Faire several years ago and I'm just writing to say, YAY You! for getting fabulous coverage on Martha's show. You sounded so competent and as kind as I remember you. I'm really glad for your success.

  4. Hello! I am not sure if you will comment here on your blog but I wondered, for those of us starting out...what kind of kiln should we get? I noticed your basic starting kit didn't cost a ton but can we begin learning without a kiln? Thanks!

  5. Katie,
    This kit is a very simple beginner kit, but that's pretty much all you really need to start, minus a little fuel cylinder and some clamps to secure it. You can use household items like tweezers or a butterknife to manipulate and sculpt the glass. My website has links to forums and books that I recommend.

    Thanks, I look forward to your link!

    I really appreciate you writing. Thanks for being encouraging and supportive!

    You definitely don't need a kiln to start- I lampworked for a year before I invested in a kiln. shows the fiber blanket that I used on the show to cool small glass pieces, and I've also stuck hot pieces directly into a coffee can filled with vermiculite or perlite. You can find a lot more info in the forums I linked to from my website:

  6. whoa! they put so much makeup on you!

    :) good to see you today jenine! welcome back to prov. & congrats!


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