Friday, September 17, 2010

Tornadoes in New York City!

We took a train from mid- town Manhattan into Brooklyn. Just before we got on the train, I stood outside Penn Station to look at the sky and listen to the coming thunder. By the time we got out in Brooklyn the storm had passed, but it left so much damage in that short time.
This sign is dangling, much like the light on the brick wall behind it.
Several trees came down at this intersection. The many birds that called these leafy branches "home" quickly moved to the underside of the overpass across the street. Listen below:

At Roosevelt Avenue and National Street
From Brooklyn we drove through Queens, into Nassau.
In Flushing, it seemed like the tree on the right felled the flagpole on the left.
Though we spent 4.5 hours travelling a distance that would otherwise have taken half an hour, at least we got home safely.

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