Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Carnival in Paris!

In le Jardin des Tuileries, there is a carnival along the rue de Rivoli.
Susie, I thought you'd like this clown with a saxophone.
Yes, we are in France.
This delightful image actually represented a more dimensional object!
It's a little roller coaster!
This fair, like most contemporary carnivals, demonstrates many creative uses of fiberglass. This guy was really big.
Bat/bird man/boat
This was the first food stand that I saw.
This is in its perfect context.
This is rad, no matter where. I should go eat there tomorrow, just because I can.
Update: those churros tasted like old oil, had no cinnamon, and no creaminess inside. California churros have much better flavor and texture!
The games have interesting prizes-- cell phones, digital cameras, and other electronics. These prizes seem even more inaccessible than the stuffed animals in the rigged carnival games that I'm used to.

You could even win a crepe griddle (in theory, if not in practice.)


  1. clowns are scary!!!! but i really like the stand that says 'mignon' (mignon meaning 'cute' en franç idea why it says that on the stand though) la glace n'est pas mignon, mais c'est delicieux!

  2. also, the weird lady mural looks like david bowie!

  3. Susie, that clown's face looks like contemporary Boy George!


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