Tuesday, January 19, 2010

No more!

I anticipate that I won't sell my work at craft shows anymore, including RISD Alumni sales and Bazaar Bizarres, at least not for a few years. It takes too much time and causes so much stress for very little financial reward, if any. I want to focus on my work at the Fab Academy, as well as teaching and working on the installation for the Houston Center of Contemporary Craft, and applying for more grants (and starting work on a documentary.)

I intend to continue to exhibit and sell at the Maker Faire, because that's just the best, and the most fun! (Plus the table is free.)

I'll still have some stuff available at Craftland, probably more work on etsy, and you can always email me for custom orders.

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  1. i felt the same way about shows this year: enough is enough! but then, how will we hang?


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