Friday, November 13, 2009


I milled this circuit board, tinned the pads, and soldered some components to it. We used a Modela and tiny bits (1/32" and 1/64") to mill it out. The board is a phenolic paper laminate with a thin layer of copper foil on top. I was advised to apply hot glue to the leads to reinforce the solder, because the copper foil might peel off the phenolic paper substrate. Unfortunately, while I was applying the glue the traces ripped off the board. I'll be milling and stuffing another board on Monday.

I already had some soldering experience.

I made this bracelet from sheet sterling silver. I cut and forged everything and set the double bezels for the blue onyx stones. I've been wearing it pretty consistently since I made it when I was 16.

I also had some experience with soldering stained glass.

This is part of a stained glass Q*Bert screen I soldered and displayed in an old plastic television housing. I have to reattach the rest of it.

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  1. So, I am pretty much entranced by your blog. It is ridiculously good looking and highly entertaining. Your work is envy-inducing and also brings a sort of "TAKE MY MONEY" feeling. I also love your videos because they really show off your amazing personality. Can you please teach me how to be you? Or... can I live in your studio? lol of course I am kidding. I am totally normal and harmless. I promise.
    I am a big fan. Your pom pom video was amazing! And "I made a swing!" was hillarious.


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