Thursday, October 15, 2009

looking around

Here is an old photo of me at Valhalla. I believe it was taken in 2003. That hoodie was like fresh snow just the year before-- clean white, all potential. Look at my hands! Horns as bear claws; instant percussive instruments.

This is a wider view of the room. I like how one curtain concealed each bed. At the foot of the bed upstairs was a chord organ. That room was so cozy and bright.

The Fab Academy video conference this morning was with Cambridge, Massachusetts; Barcelona y Bermeo, España; Nairobi, Kenya; Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland (natively spelled "Island"); Amsterdam; Providence; was Norway there too? San Diego didn't participate because they evacuated due to terrible fumes from their lasercutter. I think there may have been a fire. We were told that all labs with lasercutters have fires. Not neccessarily anything big, but expect a few flames. Always monitor a lasercutter while it's doing its job. Iceland was having trouble with cutting wool felt. Apparently it makes the lab smell like burnt hair for days.

Today I learned how to use the vinyl cutter, and I rendered a model in 3-D on a computer for the first time. Google SketchUp is a such an easy program, and it seems like you can do a lot with it!

Here's a multiplication table that I rediscovered on my desk. I wrote it out a while ago using my head to calculate everything. My favorite thing that I learned from this is that when 37 is multiplied by factors of 3, it produces awesome and predictable patterns. Go ahead, zoom in.
37 x 3 = 111
37 x 6 = 222
37 x 15 = 555
37 x 24 = 888
Cool, right?

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  1. I like your implementation of labels into each post. It's a great habit that I've neglected on my blogs. And it's interesting to me that the places participating in the video conference are almost all related to your life in some way. You've either been to them for one reason or another, and/or have an affinity with them, or you plan to go there at some point. I much appreciate your comment on my latest Almanac entry. It's one of the most flattering if not powerful statements that have ever been made about me. Thank you for the love and support. It means a lot. I urge you, as I know you urge of yourself, to remain constant with your blogging. There's immense potential in it.


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