Saturday, October 10, 2009

For Orly, Ilan, and Gil

Thanks for convincing me to finally blog.

Friday was my first day at the Fab Academy. This is the pilot year of the program at AS220's Fab Lab (Fabrication Laboratory,) which is a seed of the program that began at MIT.
Some folks from the Exploratorium in San Francisco were visiting the Center for Bits and Atoms at MIT and we were electronically/virtually present for part of their visit. For a long time I marveled at the novelty of us video conferencing simultaneously with MIT (and the SF visitors) and the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia in Barcelona!
It was surprising to look at the monitor and see them, and then notice myself on the same screen and remember that they could see us, too! I'm sure the novelty will fade after a year of doing that three times a week, but it's still tremendously exciting for me to think about.

I have so many long lists of things I've been meaning to make for years. Now, with access to resources and people who can help me actualize these goals, I am ENTHRALLED to imagine what my ideas will look like, born of the marriage of my traditional craft skills and these contemporary digital fabrication techniques!

This is my glass desk. The blue box on left is my kiln, the torch is towards the bottom mid- right side of the image, and all of the straight lines of color are glass rods.

This is my other desk. Pictured is a doll that I made. There are also some glass and textile form studies and finished pieces of jewelry.

This is another corner of the studio. Note the dance wall on the left made from scavenged mirrors.

Looking up at a wall of prints made by friends: mostly Brian Chippendale, also Lisa Hanawalt, Caroline Paquita, Mat Brinkman, and a Rebeca Raney drawing. I'm so lucky to have so many awesome friends! Do you want to trade prints?


  1. i'm so excited about the blog and the photo of your work area. keeeeep it up!

  2. EXCITEMENT!!!!...Awesome images...bursting with your colors, and textures, your beautiful images, and richness, and livelyhood and brlliancy...What a wondrous world you make yourself and what an awesome reflection of it here on your new blog..very juicy Jenine..


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