Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I try

Today I decided on a semester project for the Fab Academy. I'll make a large diorama, or a series of dioramas that incorporate new handmade dolls with all of the things that I'll learn in the Fab Lab (these skills!) I also started to post on the AS220 Fab Academy blog.

"I try" at the top of the post is about this: a client saw a necklace of mine at my last show in San Francisco, and she wanted the pendant duplicated to create a pair of earrings. I've been trying for a while to replicate it, but because I don't use molds it is not identical. I don't think she would care; maybe she wouldn't even notice. I don't feel comfortable sending it because I'm not satisfied with it. Below are four of them so far. Right now there's one more in the kiln and I hope it's a better match.
The ones I have so far are nice, but they're all fraternal twins.

It may be hard to tell, but each one is a slightly different size.
In the mood of photographing similar objects, I thought I'd show some of my brains:

I flameworked these 8 or 9 years ago. Each one is about an inch and a half long. They are core- formed vessels and I like to store tiny things in them! The process of core-forming entails winding molten glass around a core of fine steel wool that has been coated in kiln wash (a clay solution.) After the glass cools sufficiently, the core is scraped out of the center to create a hollow. More traditional core materials for this process are grasses, mud, and dung!

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  1. i live in new york. i take cabs when i need to. i do not know gil.

    I am as always, delighted to see your work-- so bootiful. I envy your energy, patience, and dedication.

    I still want to do a trade, there are so many things of yours i would be so excited to wear... starting with pyrex chains and pom pom earrings and ending with semi-circular sketchbooks on ribbons. get in touch next time you are in the city, you can come peruse the rosenblatt archives see if anything grabs your fancy, and/or there might be some materials here that interest you...i'm a bit of a hoarder. Would like to discuss laser cutting with you too.

    glad to see you are blogging!

    nina dora rosenblatt


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