Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Becoming technophilic

Today we saw Avatar in 3-D for $6. How visually beautiful!

I feel fortunately overwhelmed with ideas lately. I'm always making lists of things to do, research, and make, but I think the most useful way to release my ideas will be to draw more, again.
In this way I can more carefully delineate, develop, and communicate my ideas, as well as translate them from electrical energy in my physical being to tangible images that I can digitally import for further processing. I can always carry around a book and a pen, but I don't have a laptop to always use a tablet.

It is a great privilege to be able to use the internet, let alone to own a computer and have internet access on demand. I used to go the library to use the internet. A little more than 2 years ago I saved up for a computer, and around that time my family gave me a digital camera. With these 2 resources I have been able to better (and more frequently) document my work, share it with more people, AND research and apply for grants, awards, and shows. With the money I won from the RISCA grant I've been able to attend the Fab Academy and I have learned so much in such a short amount of time.
Everybody deserves access to these basic resources, and it's frustrating to me when I see technophobes refuse to try to learn what this new electronic universe can potentially mean for them.

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