Friday, February 5, 2010

From the Fab Lab

I did some more work on my Persistence of Vision toy. I stuffed the board a little bit more.

I learned a lot today about computer programming languages, and I'll be employing this information in writing the code for this microcontroller.

I designed a boombox in Sketchup and I milled it out on the Modela in hard wax, using a 1/16" bit. I like how the tool path left a fine pattern on the surface. This model radio measures 3.5" across, and it began as a block recycled from scrap bits of wax, hence the air bubbles and the stray chunk of wood on the upper right edge.

My year project will be a diorama of a mechanical dance party on a base, and the ceiling above the dance floor will be a functioning record player. The moving figures and the record player will all work on the same motor. I'll be casting these boomboxes in different materials to position around the diorama.

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