Sunday, January 23, 2011


Sometimes a moment feels so seemingly unrealistic, in a good way, that it makes me happy for days. A few weeks ago I was driving home through Olneyville Square in a car borrowed from my family. There were very high snow banks on both sides of Manton Avenue, and I could see pedestrians ahead. I slowed down because I wanted to make sure that they could cross the street safely. When I recognized them I got so excited because one of them was the very same person whose album I was listening to on the stereo in the car! I rolled all of the windows down and turned the volume up as loud as it would go. He scowled at me and I think he gave me two middle fingers, but that's Jacob for you. Sometimes.

Also, when I first got to Houston Anna took me to a hardware store to get supplies for the installation. I put off going to the bathroom because I was trying to focus on accomplishing our tasks. It turned out that my timing was just right, because when I stepped out of the bathroom I saw the only friend I was certain I had when I arrived in Houston. Of all of the people who are not likely to go to a hardware store, and all of the hardware stores in Houston, there before me stood Amanda. Perfect.

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