Thursday, March 25, 2010

A new leafy bag

I've been mentoring 2 high school students for their senior projects. Emily has been focusing on lampwork and Christine has been focusing on fashion. Christine came over today so we could continue to make her prom dress. She's got a new sewing machine, and not a lot of experience with it yet. I sewed a simple bag to figure out how to use her sewing machine, while she pinned and cut pattern pieces.
I lasercut theses felt leaves a few weeks ago while monitoring the lab. Today I airbrushed them and sewed them to the bag in layers.
This is what the quilted strap looks like.

This is what the old bag looked like, pretty tattered. The new bag will get more colorful as I use it and see what it needs.
Mom, please show this to Dad. I know you'l both be happy to see this.

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