Monday, April 5, 2010

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Almost all of the large industrial buildings in my neighborhood housed jewelry companies within the past few decades. Many basements stil contain large vats of chemicals for plating and polishing metals. Cyanide was definitely a popular one. The neighborhood air now wafts caustic.

According to FEMA laws, if floodwaters contact any part of a building's electrical system those components must be replaced because chemicals in the water could cause an electrical fire.
Because the river flowed high into the entire basement all of the conduit, outlets, breaker boxes, transformers, et cetera need to be replaced.

We're still not allowed back in our studio. This is being typed from outside of the RISD Library as this building has been evacuated for a fire alarm and there are now four trucks outside. It's impressive how quickly all responders arrived, and hopefully this is just a false alarm. I love that I can borrow a laptop from the RISD Library.

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