Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Getting ready

I'm rarely satisfied with the amount of work I bring to a craft sale. I often stay up the night before, still trying to make more things.

It takes so long to make pieces that I like, and there are so many different things that I love to make (other than glass!) It's hard to focus on producing a lot of similar wares, especially because I'm usually excited to experiment with new ideas. I know that a lot of people who do production work feel this frustration. Custom work is often more fun.

I'm excited to make things that I feel challenged by, and I'm happy that I have a few larger pieces of glass jewelry to bring to the holiday sales. This year I spent a lot of time working on those more ambitious and time- consuming things. I look forward to actualizing the huge chandeliers I've been talking about for years, and realizing them in ways that impress me. Chandeliers, dioramas, illustrations, videos, music, and more sculpture with textiles and glass together.

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